Helicopter Charters

Daflo maintains safety as our number one concern and priorty

Fly to football with Helicopter

With football matches kicking off at a variety of times over the weekend to suit TV networks, some fans are hard pressed to fit away games into their busy lives and work schedules. A helicopter charter solves that problem and provides a quick and delay free flight to any fixture.

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Most stadiums have suitable landing sites within only a short distance of the ground. In London we can land in the west at Battersea Heliport and at the Docklands in the East, for Wembley we can land close enough for a short walk up Wembley Way, so you need never sit in traffic for hours and risk possibly missing the start of a match.

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The luxury service begins at your front door with the departure point as close as possible to your business or home and when necessary chauffeured transfers taking you to the helicopter.

With our wide fleet of aircraft, featuring Single and Twin Engine, we have the means to ensure your needs are exceed whether you need is speed, style or cost effectivity. Our Pilots are experienced, steady, knowledgeable and held by the UK CAA to the highest of aviation standards.

Beat the traffic and add a highlight to your day by flying to the UK’s top events in a helicopter. We take care of the logistics whilst you concentrate on enjoying the action. When it’s all over, we’ll take you up and over the traffic jams, back home to reflect on a day to remember.

With simple boarding procedures and uninterrupted straight-line flight you can arrive on time and stress-free. Helicopter charter flights can be arranged as single trips or several flights enabling two or three meetings across the country whilst still returning home in the evening. Our experienced operations team can organise the helicopter charter to suit your itinerary.

Comfort & Size

  • Collection from your home or near your office

  • Fly into the centre of London for that special day

  • Fly to the races, Cowes Week, or consider golf tours by helicopter perhaps in Scotland or Ireland

  • Rapid transit to a shooting or a fishing destination

  • Take a sightseeing trip over London