Business Jets

Daflo maintains safety as our number one concern and priorty

Wi-fi in the Sky

Experience 24/7 digital connectivity in-flight, with the ability to simultaneously stream Ultra HD content while having access to your full suite of connected devices. This unique service offers the highest in-flight bandwidth.


Your meeting is overrunning? With Corporate Membership you can depart two hours either side of your booked flight time.

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When you fly Daflo Jets, you fly with peace of mind. Our customers never have to worry about the integrity of our service because we never compromise on safety.

As a business traveller your time is very important to you. Daflo Business Jets understand that you may need to set and change your itinerary to suit your ever changing business schedule.

You can choose to fly from and to your closest airports, minimising lengthy road journeys. You can choose catering options to suit your requirements.

You will travel through discrete executive airport facilities with no lengthy check in procedures. Your exclusive cabin to conduct confidential business making your travelling time productive.

Comfort & Size

Our flights have carried Heads-of-State to events that have changed lives and nations. We have flown sophisticated travellers and first time flyers to events of a life time; our flights have delivered complex mining equipment enabling output from billion dollar mines.

Business Jet Inquiry

No matter when, why or how – whether by mail, by phone, by email, WhatsApp or live chat – you will hear from us without delay.